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When it comes to men's footwear, it is common knowledge that formal shoes for men have a higher status than any other type of shoe. Men typically select a pair of formal shoes to wear to events such as weddings, parties, and even to the business. It shouldn't come as a surprise that they are versatile enough to be worn by men with the majority of the outfits they put together on a regular basis. This buying guide for men's formal shoes will offer you with knowledge on how to select the appropriate shoes, as well as how to keep them clean and maintain their color.

There are a large variety of styles available for formal shoes for men, a fact that is unknown to a lot of people. Brogues, oxfords, and boots are just some of the options available to you when it comes to formal shoe styles. When picking out a pair of shoes from the racks that are on display, there are a lot of factors to think about, and fabric and shoe design are only two of those factors. Before you go out or online and buy your next pair of formal shoes, allow us to fill you in on everything there is to know about the different types of formal footwear for the occasion.

Formal shoes for men in Pakistan come in a wide variety of styles, as any well-read and fashion-forward gentleman knows. However, the following six are among the most common and versatile for both formal and informal occasions.


When it comes to dress shoes, the most formal option is oxfords. Oxfords, also called Balmorals, are shoes distinguished by their high top, low instep, and thin, non-rubber sole. The closed lacing system is what sets them apart and makes them the most sophisticated choice. While cap-toes are a frequent addition to Oxfords, remember that the slimmer the shoe, the more formal it is.

How to style them?

Look for tried-and-true shades when shopping for work apparel, such as dark brown, tan, black, and English tan leather. Only wear black patent leather tuxedos to formal events. Keep in mind that Oxfords made of suede or nubuck will have a more sophisticated vibe. Wearing colorful socks with your Oxford shoes is a terrific way to make a statement. 


Brogues are a type of formal shoe that begin as a leather dress shoe and then feature ornate stitching, perforations, and a serrated upper. There are eight different toe cap styles and four different closure options for men's brogues. Common closure styles include the Oxford, Derby, ghillie, and monk (full or wingtip, semi-, quarter and longwing). Although it may seem complicated to others, we see it more as adaptable. By custom, the more bragging a shoe has, the less formal it is considered to be.


The Derby is remarkably similar to the Oxford, with the exception that the lacing is put on the exterior of the shoe rather than within. As a result, the process produces open flaps, which are less formal than an Oxford's closed lacing. Derby shoes, often referred to as Blüchers, can be found in many different color combinations, materials, and designs (brogue and non-brogue, wing-tipped, cap-toed, etc.). They look better with smart casual clothes than they do with the sharpest suits.

How to style them?

Keep in mind that Derbys tend to seem less dressy as formal shoes for men, but follow the same criteria that apply to Oxfords. Neither black tie nor a strictly businesslike suit is appropriate attire for these gentlemen. Derby shoes look sharp with formal chinos or slim-fit, rolled-up jeans, and bold sock combinations are preferred. Derby shoes put an emphasis on texture, fashion, and individuality.


Casual or formal, loafers are easily identifiable by their lack of a lace up front or a buckle and are the top most used formal shoes for men. Loafers are slip-on shoes that are traditionally moc-toe and have a wide, relatively flat heel. Penny loafer straps, metal "snaffles," and tassels are all acceptable ornamental options. As is customary, the more conservative the design and the deeper the color, the more formal the setting. Unless the event is extremely informal, socks are required when wearing loafers.

How to style them?

Depending on the material and color of your loafers, your outfit will take a certain shape. For instance, blue suede loafers are less formal than black leather ones and go better with chinos than with a suit. Always choose for the more formal shoe if it is of a darker color and has a more streamlined style. Penny or Tassel Loafers are appropriate footwear to wear with most work suits.


Take off those heavy war boots. Even though we adore them, we can't wear them to a more formal event. Instead, go for a pair of dress boots, which are often more slender, sleek, and snug and feature a small heel. Ankle- or knee-high, formal boots for men are available in a wide variety of designs (the usual brogue, wingtip, cap-toe, etc.). It's the old rule of thumb that more specifics make something less formal and fewer specifics make it more formal. Put them on with some dark denim, some dress pants, or even a casual suit.

How to style them?

It's generally accepted that a rounder toe indicates a less formal footwear. Similarly, nubuck and suede are textured textiles (a formal suede boot is kind of a contradiction in terms). It's acceptable to wear boots with a suit, but you should opt for classic styles with smooth lines and dark leather. 

Formal shoes for men in Pakistan

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